8South Packages!

(Prices vary by date and location)

8-Piece Package-  Includes 4 singers, 4-part Rhythm section, premium stage lighting, sound system, sound and lighting techs, Emcee service, and DJ service as needed for dinner and/or cocktail hour.  (This package is great for smaller venues/spaces.)

9-Piece Package– Adds one horn player to the 8-piece.

10-Piece Package–  Adds two horn players to the 8-piece.

Available Add-ons to Packages:

Ceremony music

Cocktail hour musicians

Extra PA

Dance Lessons

8South also offers smaller groups for functions of all types… here’s a few of our other services:

String Trio or Quartet

Jazz Trio

Acoustic Rock Soloist

Country Duo

And check out our sister bands!  The 12 South Band and Nash County   —   dance lessons and performers available in Nashville